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The Grass is always greener at Grassy Point

February 22, 2013

The BC Government is preparing to auction land north of Prince Rupert BC in order to spur a third possible LNG port facility.

Grassy Point is located on a narrow peninsula 30 kilometres north of Prince Rupert, and 150 kms. south of Ketchikan, Alaska. Now British Columbia, in the midst of a broad push to woo billions in LNG spending, is hoping others will plan their massive projects there. This weekend, shortly before it hosts a major LNG conference in Vancouver, the government will begin advertising for expressions of interest.

Grassy Point has been a historical site of interest for liquefied natural gas exports, including from Dome Petroleum, which no longer exists, in the 1980s. When Dome was looking for a site more than 30 years ago, it chose Grassy Point for its proximity to open-sea sailing and its stable, hard-rock topography. Dome secured land, gained approval to build the plant and signed a liquefied gas sales agreement with a Japanese company. But when Dome faltered, the project ended.


There are now more LNG plans in BC than there are salmon in the ocean:

Just as not all salmon survive, neither do LNG projects. No company has yet announced an investment decision. All the LNG projects are still just plans and intentions.