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Our Winter of Discontent

December 31, 2015

Let us review the sobering events of 2015 as they pertain to the northern economy:

The question needs to asked why has there been such a steep downturn, particularly in commodities?




The biggest culprit of all are the central bankers - Greenspan, Bernanke,Yellen, Draghi and their counterparts in Japan, China and the UK. They were and are society’s sanctioned suits offering free money - the easy way out for profligate politicians who cannot stop spending. They are the manipulators who rigged the capitalistic system to remove the ‘price discovery’ aspect of money (interest rates) while providing the political class a way to avoid making hard decisions. Central bankers are supposed to ‘remove the punch bowl’ before the party gets going, but these turkeys spiked it with vodka.