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Fort McMoney

January 29, 2014

The National Film Board (NFB) will be launching a 4 part trilingual interactive web documentary on Fort McMurray. How 21st century. The launch date is 25 November.

Fort McMoney, the movie, will give users the opportunity to make up their own minds about the topics it raises, through access to a painstakingly researched documentary, testimony from residents and other interested parties, facts, interviews, and video clips, as well as a map of oil extraction sites in Fort McMurray. With all this info at their fingertips, people will be able to make decisions related to economics, politics, and environmental and social issues, and the choices they make will influence the story. Each week will end with a referendum whose results will affect the course of the game. Users will be able to put forward their views and do their best to convince other players to see things their way. Will players make the economy a priority―or the environment? Fort McMoney will help people develop their own answers and fully grasp the issues surrounding Canada’s oil sands.

Some interesting tidbits on Fort McMurray:




An innovative project by NEB is worth checking out.

Fort McMurray is an economic engine for the Canadian economy. The sky high house prices are part and parcel of the high wage hot economy.