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Top tourist attractions - three territories

October 30, 2012

The Sun media chain conducted an on line survey of the Top Attraction of each province and territory. The results are both surprising and informative.

The Sun media includes newspapers in Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto and Winnipeg. The online survey was conducted on 30-Oct-2012 on online versions of the Sun newspapers for those cities.
The results were pulled off at Noon eastern - sample size of less than 6,000, about the same for each territory. Each respondent rates one of 5 attractions for each territory and gets one ‘vote’ .

The results are shown in the attached table.


The survey was crude and imperfect (just a few larges urban centres) but with almost 6,000 respondents, significant. Probably most respondents have never been to the north.  Some of the attractions listed are inaccessible (Ft.Selkirk) or expensive to reach (Baffin Island). Yet there are some salient ideas.