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The Economic Impact of the Arctic Winter Games

February 25, 2012

From the 4-10-Mar-2012 the Arctic Winter Games will be held in Whitehorse. In total 2,000 athletes will participate in the games. 

A detailed study was published last year by Econometric Research Limited “Event Analysis and Economic Impact Study” about the 2010 Games that were held in Grande Prairie, Alberta. From this study it was noted:

The economic impact on Whitehorse would be similar to the Grande Prairie Games of 2010. The community benefits from the influx of athletes and visitors, particularly in the winter season when tourists normally do not visit.



After 42 years the Arctic Winter Games have grown from 550 athletes to more than 2,000. The participants now include other parts of the circumpolar world like Greenland,  Sampi (Finland) and Yemel-Nenets (Russia).

While the economic benefits are important perhaps the greatest benefits accrue to those who participate in the games as atheletes, volunteers, staff, media or visitors.
All the best Whitehorse !