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Greenland tourism statistics

April 11, 2012

The Government of Greenland’s tourist figures show a steady growth in tourist numbers. The statistics for 2005 show about 33,500 visitors to Greenland.

In recent years, Greenland has experienced a large increase in the number of cruise ships calling. Large transatlantic cruise ships have found a visit to Greenland convenient as the country is located on their routes between Europe and North America. Moreover, a number of cruise ships visit Greenland in the summer season sailing a more or less fixed route. These vessels are typically smaller and use a number of Greenlandic ports where passengers get on and off.

There are about 52 places to stay in Greenland. These are hotels, seamen’s homes, hostels and folk high schools.

In 2008, of the ‘bednight stays’ in Greenland:

July and August are the prime months for tourists.




Greenland’s tourism statistics are badly out of date. Their official tourism site is wonderful.