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BC’s LNG workforce requirements

November 26, 2013

As the BC Government gets set to announce its LNG taxation regime, the industry players have sketched out their anticipated workforce requirements.

The natural gas sector will require 21,600 direct workers, while supporting 61,700 support workers to feed the pipeline, 41,900 indirect jobs in services during construction. All tolled 2,400 LNG terminal workers are required. Most of the jobs are in the northwest part of BC (Prince Rupert and Kitimat). The drilling activities are in the north-east.

The key features of the anticipated workforce demand:

In total 5 LNG facilities/pipelines are planned for northwest BC: LNG Canada, Kitimat LNG, Pacific Trails Pipeline, Pacific Northwest LNG and Prince Rupert LNG. Another 5 NG pipelines are in the assessment process: WCGT, Coastal Gaslink, Pacific Northern Gas, Prince Rupert GT, Fortis VI.



It remains to be seen how many LNG projects and related pipelines will actually get launched. With potential jobs exceeding the entire workforce it seems likely that northern BC is set to boom. The economic activity will draw trades and construction workers from across Canada.