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Alaska’s economy - a three legged stool

November 16, 2013

The First National Bank of Alaska publishes an informative website on the Alsakan economy. The three pillars of the three-legged stool are government, petroleum and other resources.

In a variety of articles the website seeks to inform and influence the reader on the Alaska economy.

One article noted that oil from the North Slope provides 90 percent of state revenues—could in a few years dry up to a minimum operating level of 500,000 barrels daily. Small discoveries, efficiencies and new developments near known fields could perhaps stretch it to eight.

Another notes that 12 billion barrels of oil has been shipped out of Prudhoe Bay.

There are a series of educational articles on LNG.

FNBA is a 90 year old institution with $3B in assets, about 30 branches throughout Alaska. Privately held, the bank was included in “America’s 100 Most Trustworthy Companies” by Forbes Magazine.


The site is worth checking out. It is mostly focused on the Alaska oil and gas industry. Little content on the other two pillars - government and ‘other resources’ like mining.



Source: www.alaskaseconomy.org