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World class gold deposits

November 30, 2012

NRH Research has posted a report on the most significant world gold deposits.

NRH Research scanned 1,896 companies and was able to identify 212 entities (Public, Private and Government Sponsored Corporations) that own 439 gold deposits hosting over 1,000,000 ounces in all categories representing a total of 3 billion ounces of gold.

The top undeveloped deposits in the world that are north of 56 include:

NRH notes that “...there are only 439 assets that meet the industry perceived economic threshold of 1 million ounces. Last year, we compared this figure to the tens of thousands of commercial real estate properties in the world or the nearly 72,000 financial securities. While the crustal abundance of gold is fixed, and discovery grades continue to decline.”


Nine of the top 50 undeveloped gold deposits in the world are located north of 56.