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November 20, 2012

At a recent mining conference a speaker claimed the Yukon was ‘under-mined’, meaning there are only three operating mines in a huge territory, Larger than Germany. There should be 10 mines in the Yukon he suggested. 

The attached table shows the areas of the jurisdictions in North America and the area north of 56 degrees latitude (approx.). It also shows the number of operating mines in each jurisdiction and the square kilometers per mine.

A few observations:


Yukon is not the most ‘under-mined’ jurisdiction in the north. In the east, Nunavut and Quebec, have vast geographic area but only two mines between them.

Obviously, geology is part of the mix. The east is part of the Canadian Shield, ancient 2 billion year old Pre-cambrian rock. Alaska and Yukon are for the most part made up of much younger rocks (<350 MY), called terranes that accreted onto the continent.