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The Big Casino

January 31, 2013

For 40 years the Casino deposit has been around. Now Western Copper and Gold Corp. may be finally developing this large Yukon mine.

The Casino project is located 300 km. north-west of Whitehorse. The proven and probable reserves include: 8 M oz gold, 4 B lbs copper, 494 M lbs. moly and 61 M oz. silver. That’s a whole lot of mineral content.


The Casino project is but one of several looming on the Yukon’s horizon. The others: Selwyn zinc, Wellgreen platinum, Carmacks copper, Mac Pass tungsten, not to mention a few small gold mines. For a territory of 36,000 people this is a lot of mining activity that could happen in less than 10 years.

Yukon, like Alaska, represents unique and very interesting geology than the rest of North America. For starters, it’s young rock, that recently (last few hundred million years) accreted onto the continent as islands smashed into the land. So there is diversity of source and volcanic origins.