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New port for Nuuk

February 21, 2013

The Government of Greenland has approved an investment of $106 M in a new port for the community of Nuuk.

The new port will be completed in 2016, and must either be financed by a fully government owned company, or in cooperation with the Municipality of Sermersooq (Nuuk), Port of Aalborg (Denmark) and Royal Arctic Line. A new port will have a positive effect on Nuuk as cruise city when the port is completed, as it often - if not always - will be able to offer the ships berth.

Nuuk (Danish: Godthåb), is the capital of Greenland, the northernmost capital in the world (64 degrees north latitude), and the largest city in Greenland. Nuuk has a population of 15,469 (2010). Nuuk has several educational institutions of higher learning. The University of Greenland, which is the only university in Greenland, is located in Nuuk. The university expanded in 2007 with the new building called Ilimmarfik which houses departments of journalism, management and economics, language, literature and media, cultural and social history, theology and religion and social work. Nuuk is also home to the Department of Learning, the oldest educational facility in Greenland.  Other notable educational institutions include the Department of Nursing and Health Science, Nuuk Technical College and the Iron & Metal School.

Nuuk gets its electric power mainly from Buksefjord hydroelectric power plant by way of a 132 kV powerline crossing Ameralik fjord on the world’s longest span.

London Mining, a British mining company, and the Greenland self-government authority are luring the Chinese to invest $2 billion in an iron-ore mine close to the Greenland ice sheet some 175 kilometers north of Nuuk, the capital.

Greenland’s politicians have made visits to China and South Korea and have invited investments from other countries. The global oil industry has been successfully courted.


Greenland and Denmark (benefactor) are discussing/debating the possibility of Chinese workers coming into work on the iron ore mine. Greenland wants the investment and jobs the project would create.

The investment in Nuuk’s post greatly enhances the infrastructure in Greenland’s capital city and would help facilitate mining activities.



Source: Greenland Today.com