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Less Red than the others

February 02, 2013

Barclay’s Bank has published a table that shows the fiscal balance situation facing western nations. It’s all red (ie. bad). Canada is less red that the others.


Generally the northernmost areas in North America have not felt the downturn affecting much of the western world. Western governments have chosen to rely on the power of the central bank printing press to pursue accommodating (loose) monetary policies. The governmental budgets in the north have not, as yet, seen significant reductions in their core funding. Perhaps the hardest hit has been in federal services cuts for Parks Canada services in Yukon, and NWT.

Alas, the magic of the central bank money-printing has its limits. At some stage the Fed balance sheet must stop growing and start shrinking. Interest rates must then rise, and the price must be paid for the easy money. In other words the younger generation must pay for society living beyond its means today.



Source: Barclay's Bank.