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Global economic growth - northern centres compared

December 30, 2012

The Brookings Institute has published an interactive graphic showing the largest 300 economic centres in the world and their rate of growth (per capita GDP and employment) 2011-2012 data. Blue is good and orange not so good and red is bad.

Also plotted (on the jpeg image that shows with this page) are 6 significant population centres north of 56. Note that the size of the dot for these 6 centres is not plotted accurately, but the color is indicative of GDP and employment change.

To see the interactive graphic go to source a) noted below.


The Brookings graphic shows China’s economic growth was strong. Europe was very weak, the US and Japan not as weak as Europe, but not growing much. Sadly from quantitative easing to record-high federal budget deficits to unprecedented bailouts, the Europeans, Americans and Japanese have done everything in their power to mask the pain of balance-sheet repair and structural adjustment.  The ultra-aggressive central bank cheap money policies have hurt the real economy by allowing central governments off the hook from having to balance their budgets. The result has been ‘zombie’ consumers, low growth and dismal economic performance.

In the north, Ft.McMurray and Whitehorse have enjoyed the strongest growth. Iqaluit, Anchorage and Fairbanks are middling through, while Yellowknife had the lowest growth for 2010-2011.



Source: http://www.brookings.edu/research/interactives/global-metro-monitor-3?inf_contact_key=860cfebf6d99d8bf717f4c2b066a3881e1