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NWT Energy Plan

December 09, 2012

The government of NWT has produced a publication called “Collaborating to Develop the 2013 Energy Plan”. The GNWT kicked off the public discussions with an energy charette in November and hopes to update its energy plan by March 2013.

A few points to note from the document:

The report asks people for responses to 5 questions:


  • 1.Are these Principles are still relevant ?

    i. Reliable and affordable energy should be available in all NWT communities.

    ii. The use of northern renewable energy for industrial developments should be promoted in a manner that provides for a lasting legacy of affordable and sustainable energy for the benefit of all residents.

    iii. Energy development and management decisions should maintain the integrity of the natural environment and recognize the absolute importance of the long-term protection of these natural systems to the economic, social and cultural well-being of NWT residents.

    iv. Regulatory processes related to the development and provision of energy in the NWT should be simply structured and as efficient as possible, while maintaining transparency and accountability.

    v. Aboriginal equity positions in large-scale energy development projects on traditional Aboriginal lands should be encouraged and supported.

    vi. The NWT Power Corporation should remain in public control, recognizing the benefits of a public corporation in providing affordable power and promoting a lasting legacy of renewable energy in the NWT.

    vii. The GNWT should demonstrate leadership by diligently and responsibly taking actions to reduce its own consumption of energy.


  • 2. What are the key decision criteria that the GNWT should use when deciding where to spend a limited budget for energy projects and programs?

  • 3. What is your view on energy supply options in the NWT? Which options should the GNWT prioritize and why?

  • 4. Should the GNWT continue to investigate and pursue new options for space heating in the NWT? What are your thoughts regarding potential options?

  • 5. What further steps could the GNWT take to promote efficiency and conservation for NWT residents, businesses, community governments,
    and organizations? Where is assistance most needed and most effective?

  • Commentary

    A few comments from “North of 56” :