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Bluefish Dam replacement project

February 11, 2012

NWT Power is planning on replacing its 70 year old Bluefish dam with a modern structure. 

The Bluefish Hydro Facility is located on the Yellowknife River between Bluefish Lake and Prosperous Lake, and is owned and operated by the Northwest Territories Power Corporation (NWTPC). The existing facility comprises two 4 MW installations utilizing 33 m of head between Bluefish and Prosperous Lakes. The facility provides approximately 20% of Yellowknife’s electrical needs.

The replacement dam will be located approximately 400 metres downstream from the current site. Pending regulatory and environmental approvals, construction of the dam is expected to be completed by spring of 2013.The capital budget for the project is $20M.

The design report was filed with the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board in Nov-11. A decision should be forthcoming shortly from MVLWB which will shed light on when this project would be completed.


The old dam has been deteriorating in recent years and NWTPC had to conduct emergency repairs.