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All Alaska Grid

November 06, 2013

The All Alaska electrical grid has as its central idea the production of power from North Slope gas and transmitting energy down to needy Alaska communities.

The Institute of the North is a leading proponent of the All Alaska grid. Governor Walter J. Hickel, founder of the Institute of the North,and former Governor was a big thinker for development in Alaska.

The basic plan the Institute envisions:

Meera Kohler, CEO, Alaska Village Electric Cooperative presented the proposal to the Energy Committee of the State Legislature earlier this year.

The All Alaska energy grid is attempting to solve a few problems at once: stranded gas on the North Slope; high costs of power in Alaska communities; the need for jobs and infrastructure development.


The project seems to be oriented to garnering support in the Alaska Legislature, ie. it will only survive with massive State support. The price tag ~ $7 B to start, with lots of upward potential, is high. This project is a long shot for development.