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Alaskan Electricity Production

February 08, 2012

The US government has released its State Electricity Profiles for 2010. The average price paid by Alaskan’s for electricity is $0.1476 per kw. That is the 5th most expensive state.

The 10 largest power generating plants are   Name/Type/Operator/Summer Capacity in MW:

1. Beluga ...... Gas /Chugach Electric Assn Inc /344
2. George M Sullivan Generation Plant 2 .....Gas /Anchorage Municipal Light and Power /220
3. North Pole ....Petroleum/ Golden Valley Elec Assn Inc /144
4. Bradley Lake ....Hydroelectric/ Homer Electric Assn Inc/ 126
5. Anchorage 1 ....Gas /Anchorage Municipal Light and Power /88
6. Snettisham .....Hydroelectric /Alaska Electric Light&Power Co /78
7. Bernice Lake ....Gas/Chugach Electric Assn Inc/ 62
8. Lemon Creek ... Petroleum/ Alaska Electric Light&Power Co/ 58
9. Eklutna Hydro Project ..... Hydroelectric/ Anchorage Municipal Light and Power/ 44
10. International ... Gas/ Chugach Electric Assn Inc /42

The state electrical industry gets about 1/5th of its energy from hydro power, about 9% from coal and the rest from oil and gas.


All the power plants are larger than the ones found in the three Canadian territories. This makes sense given the much larger population in Alaska ~670,000 vs. 108,000.

The Yukon and NWT have much more hydro power than Alaska, comparatively.



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