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Alaska energy conservation leader

February 16, 2013

Alaska leads in energy conservation in the north for a variety of reasons: larger population; a University; communities facing high energy costs;a State Energy Strategy and numerous energy related non-profit organizations helping out.

Energy efficiency and conservation (EE&C) are the low hanging fruit of efforts to meet sustainable energy goals.  In Alaska, a defining energy goal is to improve energy efficiency by 15% between 2010 and 2020. The State-run agency, the Alaska Energy Association (AEA) focuses its end use energy efficiency program activities on commercial buildings, public buildings, industrial facilities, and electrical efficiency.  Additionally, AEA organizes the collaborative multi-stakeholder group called the Alaska Energy Efficiency Partnership.

Some examples of Alaska energy conservation projects:



There is a plethora of information available from Alaska on energy matters. Alaskans are leaders in renewable energy and conservation.



Source: Alaska Business Monthly ( Kevin G. Smith Photography)