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A community energy plan for Faro

May 19, 2014

The Pembina Institute has published a comprehensive 80-page energy plan for the community of Faro, Yukon.

The Institute delved into Faro’s energy picture: its 185 occupied dwellings provide home to 372 year - round inhabitants. An energy and emissions inventory was established for the year 2012 based on a variety of sources. A community energy survey, completed by 21% of households, provided basic information on residential energy costs, transportation and home energy systems.

Pembina determined the community uses 21,959 MWh of energy, costing $2.6M per annum. Space heating and transportation account for the biggest two uses, 48% and 36% respectively. Fuel oil is the the main source of energy, with electricity ranked second. On average each Faro home spends about $10,000 on vehicle fuel and home heating.

The report contains a thorough analysis and a variety of recommendations, some surprising:



Pembina has churned out a thoroughly researched and sensible report that should enable Faroites to conserve energy and save money. Well done.